The Lamberth Foundation

How can we make a difference?
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What we do

We make a difference through direct educational sponsorship, school building projects; provision of books and other school supplies; installation of play equipment; payment of medical and health expenses, distribution of food and clothing and direct support for homelessness. We achieve our objectives by working alongside individuals, communities and local organisations to bring about long-term change and hope for a brighter future.

Who we are

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Richard Lamberth - Founder

Richard is passionate about supporting the homeless; protecting wildlife, the environment and education. These are the principal areas where The Lamberth Foundation will be working.

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jO cOLLINS - Head of projects

Jo has come to the Foundation to continue and build upon her work with empathy and care to try to help others with dignity and understanding. 

Our Mission

Our aim is to alleviate suffering, poverty and danger to children, adults, wildlife and the environment, through education, support services and practical assistance projects. We start with a simple question ‘How can we make a difference?’