2023 THAT’S A WRAP! BRING ON 2024!

Jan 26, 2024

With special thanks to Martyn Sands for including us in his blog over at magicbrix.org

“We were delighted to be featured on the Chris Evans breakfast show. While that was amazing in itself, it also led to an introduction to Richard Lamberth, founder of the Lamberth Foundation. Richard had previously had a similar idea to the one behind MagicBrix. He reached out to us and, from there, offered his assistance to our charity.

The Lamberth Foundation have a long history of involvement with charitable and voluntary work. They have no salaried staff, and all money raised is carefully used to benefit specific, worthy causes. They really do the most amazing work, with a charitable purpose to alleviate suffering, poverty and danger to children, adults, wildlife and the environment through education, support services and practical assistance projects.

For us, the Lamberth Foundation funded a professional re-brand with Bianca Hawker from Imagination in Progress. This also included a brand-new packaging design

We can’t thank Richard and Jo enough for the fantastic support they have offered us to date and their pledge to continue helping us and our cause in the future.”