About us

The Lamberth Foundation

A Charitable Heritage.

We at the Lamberth Foundation have a long history of involvement with charitable and voluntary work. From funding and running a Soup Kitchen for people in Portugal to sleeping rough on the streets of London raising awareness and money for homeless causes we have tried to get involved. We have walked across every bridge in London to raise funds for Dementia care; sent building blocks to children in Africa and worked with animal conservation charities in Nigeria. We have also sponsored an annual art award aimed at the rehabilitation of prisoners in the UK for many years.

Right now, we are working to support Ukrainian refugees, providing educational tools for children displaced by the war and supporting families who have had to flee their home country.

We have no salaried staff and all money raised will be carefully used to benefit specific, worthy causes. ‘How can we make a difference’ is where we start in finding a project and where we began in establishing the structure of our Foundation. We believe that every penny counts and that is our guarantee to anyone who entrusts a donation to us. 

Meet the team

Richard Lamberth | FOunder

With three decades in business, the Founder has in-depth knowledge of commerce and industry in the UK. Much of this was gained through businesses he established in the insurance and financial sectors. However, each business had a specific dynamic – to make a difference. This was sometimes about bringing innovative products and services to the market but also in the interactions with customers and staff. One business for instance started paying people to walk, cycle or ride-share to work in the 1990s and received a commendation from the Prime Minister at the time and the then Prince of Wales.

Richard remains passionate about supporting homeless people; protecting wildlife and the environment and education. These are the principal areas where The Lamberth Foundation will be working. He is a father of four boys and lives in London with his dog, Jessie quotes as his inspiration a chance encounter with a homeless lady one winter when he simply asked her ‘How can we make a difference?’.

JO COLLINS | Head of Projects

The Head of Projects started working life in the Financial sector but realised that her passion in life was to help educate young people so she moved into teaching. She then spent the next 17 years working in an Essex primary school with an emphasis on pastoral care for the children. Building relationships and communicating with children, parents and carers was always her main aim and her vocation. Listening was the key. Jo has come to the Foundation to continue and build upon her work with empathy and care to try to help others with dignity and understanding. Jo lives in Essex with her two sons, Stan the dog and Spice the cat.

Paul Mustoe | Accountant

Paul has worked in the Financial Industry for over 30 years advising individuals and businesses in relation to their tax affairs and compliance requirements. He takes great pride in advising people throughout their personal and business lives to ease their concerns regarding their financial and tax burdens. Whilst many clients enjoy wealth and fortune, others are not so fortunate and need assistance to ensure they can provide financially for their families in difficult times.

As an employer of 140 people, including many trainees, Paul and his firm belief in giving people of all ages and abilities opportunities. He is delighted to support The Lamberth Foundation with his knowledge and experience to complement Richard’s visions and desire to help, support, educate and develop people as well as protect wildlife and animals. Paul lives in Suffolk with his wife of 25 years Lisa, and is a father of a 21-year-old son and an 18-year-old daughter who has just gone to University!

Alistair Lamberth | Web DESIGNER

Alistair has a background in Health & Care, where he previously worked on an acute psychiatric ward, providing support to individuals in their time of need. Later, he transitioned to offering care and support to vulnerable adults and youths within the community. During this period, Alistair witnessed firsthand the difficulties people face in their lives and was determined to help them make positive changes.

In 2020, when the COVID pandemic hit, life changed significantly for everyone. Alistair has always been interested in tech and design, and the increased time spent indoors gave him a unique opportunity to study these subjects. Alistair and his wife Laura now run a web design business from home. Recently, Alistair has come on board to help build the online presence of The Lamberth Foundation.