Partnering with Magic Brix!

Feb 2, 2024

Over the last few months, we at the Lamberth Foundation have had the pleasure and privilege to work alongside Magic Brix! This amazing charity is a new organisation created to source preloved Lego and to create their own special gift boxes which they then distribute to disadvantaged children at Christmas.

“They first came to our attention when Richard heard them on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show.  He had a very similar idea to theirs and so reached out to them and offered support and assistance where we could.  A collaborative friendship was borne driven by the same desire – to redistribute preloved Lego to children to allow them to let their imagination,  communicative and cognitive skills grow. Just like ours and our children’s have had the joy to experience”.

After you have read Magic Brix’s attached blog, please do check out their website and donate where you can. Together we can make such a difference to so many children.  Thank you.