Portimao Soup Kitchen

Feb 2, 2024

CEO of the Lamberth Foundation, Richard Lamberth, came across the Soup Kitchen in the southern Portuguese city of Portimao when living in the country. He worked there, serving food to people in need and their families for several years.

“Back in those days a busy night saw maybe 70 people come to the kitchen to sit in the warmth and meet others over a hot meal. I remember winters were always particularly busy as many jobs were seasonal in Portugal and this continues to be the case. Now the Kitchen is open more often and serves around 300 meals to needy people each time it opens. Some are completely homeless and others are just having a very tough time to make ends meet. Many of our guests do not qualify for benefits of any kind and several bring their children to eat with us too. Since moving back to the UK, I have continued to fund the ongoing work of the Soup Kitchen and visit whenever possible. The workers are all volunteers, giving their own time to help people in such a direct way. The Lamberth Foundation asks ‘How can we make a difference?’ Ongoing funding of this vital lifeline does just this.”