The Anti Loo Roll Brigade

Feb 23, 2024

We at the Lamberth Foundation are absolutely thrilled to be working alongside Pete and his amazing team to be able to make a real difference in our local community. Attached are some photos taken recently at the opening of the Rose Therapy centre, which we have sponsored. This will hopefully be able to assist in the reduction of waiting lists and get the children the support they need.

We’ve included some words below from Pete himself giving an insight into the founding of the Anti Loo Roll brigade. Check out their social media pages and website and offer some support in any way you can. Thank you!

“Colchester Anti Loo Roll Brigade as the name suggests was originally set up as a response to panic buying at the start of covid in 2020.

Our aim was to be the opposite of the hoarders ,to ensure everyone had enough to get through and provide a support network for our local elderly and people in need or isolating.

We achieved many great things during covid including supplying the local care homes with all their ppe, set up a support network, organised prescription deliveries, provided care homes and NHS with currys, provided education services as well as providing pick up trucks to our first responders and much more.

As we came out of lockdowns we became less covid related and started to provide support to charities and agencies in desperate need of long term support, this led to the decision to become a CIC as we felt we were then in the position to provide long term support to our community.

As well as reacting to problems along the way ie providing 100s of laptops for home schooling and our Ukrainian effort providing support and goods into Ukraine and to arriving Ukrainians we now provide support to many local organisations.

We get referrals from Domestic abuse charities and the police to help families fleeing or starting again, social services, health visitors,Adult social care, hospital discharge, food bank for help for people in dire need as well as funding a fuel poverty scheme which has helped hundreds of families locally.

With recently taking on our new premises at Stanway Lakeland’s Centre this allows us to have a positive impact on waiting lists as well as getting help to children not in the financial position to receive the help they need.

Alongside the autism support, signposting and respite we provide at the centre we also provide sports and respite for home educated children, discos for adults with additional needs, a free sensory room and are in the process of setting up the Rose Therapy Centre where we will be providing free counselling for children who’ve suffered traumatic experiences, free speech and language therapy and free paediatric physiotherapy as well as expanding into providing mental health support.”